Enabling LIVE Trading

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013 04:06PM CET
3. Once a user has unlocked a system, a “plus sign” icon appears. Clicking on that icon allows users to “Activate the Strategy” for LIVE trading.

a. A strategy can also be “Activated” from the system performance page

4. Upon activating a system – customers can adjust the ‘Multiplier’, which will multiply the number of contracts traded by that amount. For example, if the chosen system trades 2 contracts per signal and the chosen multiplier is 4, then 8 contracts (2* 4) will be taken per signal.

5. Users can view all of their ‘Active’ system by visiting the ‘My Systems’ area, and filtering the list to show ‘active’ systems.

6. The customer can view any pending orders submitted by the system(s) they have chosen, open positions, and P/L of open and closed trades via the ‘Systems’, ‘Fills’, and ‘Orders’ pages.

7. At any time, and from any page listing systems – the customer can choose to stop trading a system, by clicking ‘Stop Strategy’

a. Clicking ‘Stop Strategy’ will bring up a confirmation ‘pop-up’ which will ask the customer how they wish to exit any open positions (exit at market immediately, exit on the next system signal, or exit at the end of the day)

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