Buying Power

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013 03:47PM CET
8. Each system has a ‘Required Capital’ amount that is needed in the account in order to activate and continue trading that system

9. If the client balance > required minimum*# of contracts, then the platform allows activation.

10. If the client balance < required minimum * # of contracts, the activation is not allowed.

11. For multiple system activations – the amount of required minimum for each system is ‘held’ against the account by the platform; in effect reducing the amount of ‘cash’ the account has to activate more systems.

12. Upon an account’s balance falling below the sum of all active system’s required minimums * the number of contracts selected, the platform will automatically de-activate systems until the total required minimum falls below the account balance, starting with the system or additional contract most recently added, then the next most recently added, and so on.

13. If the account balance remains greater than the sum of all required minimums * the number of contracts, the account remains active on those systems and trading signals will be sent for the account.

14. While the account must have the “Required Minimum” in order to trade each system, the ‘Suggested Minimum’ is listed as a courtesy. We suggest an account balance 5 to 20 times higher than the required minimum outlined above in order for clients to endure losing periods. The required minimum is designed to cover the worst possible loss in any one day, while the suggested minimum is designed to cover any extended losing periods.
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