Reviewing Performance

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013 04:15PM CET
15. The listed monthly P/L for each system is ‘clickable’ within the performance report, bringing up the day by day profit or loss for each specific month, allowing a reviewer or auditor to verify the daily signal results equal the listed monthly total, and in turn the annual totals, and resulting stats.

16. For further detail, users can click on the ‘Trade Log’, to see the specific trade prices (‘Hypo Fill Price’) which were generated by the system to result in the specific session’s profit or loss. These trade prices can also be downloaded to an excel file via the excel icon at the bottom left, for quick calculations from points earned/lost to dollars earned/lost.

17. For trades done on actual accounts – even more detail is provided, including the ‘Average’ fill price for each system and trade across all TradingMotion users (across all brokers and FCMs). The best and worst price achieved across all customers is provided so clients and reviewers can test whether a client is repeatedly the worst fill. The slippage, or difference between the Hypo Fill price and ‘Average’ price is also listed, in points. And again, all the data can be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

18. To review and reconcile actual client performance as seen on the client’s monthly statements with what is shown on the TradingMotion platform, a client can view the ‘Performance’ tab to see the daily profit and loss per market, per system, and overall on any timeframe.

19. When selecting a specific month, the daily profit and loss for the client across all systems and months is shown under ‘My P/L’, with the total P/L given (in this example, $5,865.17) reconciling to the total futures profit/loss on the customer’s monthly statement (with any differences being due to small differences in currency conversions, as disclosed)

a. ‘My P/L’ will list the USD converted daily profit/loss, while a total in each currency will be listed at the bottom of the table for any trading done in Euros via Eurex.
20. The ‘Performance’ tab also shows how a client has performed (‘My P/L’) in relation to the system (‘Hypo P/L’) for cases when the client had the system active for the entire day (‘Trading Diff’) and for cases when the client started or stopped the system during the day (‘Start/Stop Diff’), also listing the number of ‘Start/Stops’ per day.

21. Clicking on any of the start/stop numbers listed for each day will pull up a log of what actions the user took in deviating from the system (i.e. close open position, stop system, reactivate)
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